The Forecast - It's looking good!

The Schedule


Time Artist
16:00 Sinah
17:00 Dead Bird Lady
18:00 S.hel
19:00 Davíð Rist
20:00 Marteinn Sindri
22:00 Reykjavík On Stage DJ


Time Artist
16:00 Salóme Katrín
17:00 supersport!
MSEA AirWhales Special

Can't Think Just Feel
We Fly We Fall
Time Artist
18:00 Brött Brekka
19:00 KRÍA
20:00 Aftenging
21:00 Laura Secord
22:00 MSEA
23:00 DVDJ NNS


Time Artist
16:00 Bob Hermit
17:00 Jelena Ciric
18:00 Regn
19:00 Skoffín
20:00 Ottoman
21:00 Gugusar
22:00 Skauti
23:00 DJ Whales
Our Pod
Community is everything. We're proud to present our family for this three day mini-festival. Artists, DJs, music lovers and more. We're all in it together, battling the waves to find shore and get heard.
Artists make art happen. For that we are forever thankful. Come see them and show your appreciation.

Shipmates - All Hands On Deck!


About Airwhales

Reykjavík isn't a big city, but some buildings really stand out. Our home for the mini-festival (7th - 9th Nov) is Hlemmur Square. One of the few art deco buildings in Reykjavík.
Originally built in the 1930's, the building was named for its central position in the city - a meeting spot that once served as a watering hole for travellers and their horses.
Hlemmur Square today still features as a watering hole but now for a beer (or two), but also a hostel and hotel. A restaurant. A music venue. An arts space. Visual arts backdrop. Fringe location. Anything, really. So what better place for us to set our fins.
And what about us whales? A collection, a community, a music mammal family set upon the skies. Resting on the clouds.
We believe in the local music scene(s) and array of artists here in Reykjavík and wider Iceland, and we believe they should have an independent stage to swim with. To make a splash on the international crowds and industry.
Call it a cause, it’s all about heart. This mini-festival belongs to (and should include) all of us. Nobody left behind or swept aside by the waves. That’s our philosophy. Yours too? Get in touch…

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